Quail Springs Permaculture is dedicated to demonstrating and teaching holistic ways of designing human environments, and to facilitating deeper understandings of ourselves and one another through immersive experiences in nature.  We believe that lasting ecological health and social harmony can be fostered through emphasizing the connection between people, food, shelter, energy, and water.


 plunge poolsRegenerative Water Harvesting and Land Restoration Training

October 7 – 11, 2015

with Craig Sponholtz, Neil Bertrando, and Brenton Kelly

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Cuyama Mama & The Hot Flashes, at SoHo in Santa Barbara for Quail Springs 10th Birthday PartyThank you to the over 200 people who celebrated Quail Springs 10th Birthday, and the many artists, local farms and businesses that supported the benefit!
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Podcast of interview with Jan Smith of Cuyama Mama & The Hot Flashes that ranges from the story of the band’s beginnings to the good work that happens at Quail Springs Permaculture:






Permaculture for Resiliency in International Development through USAID

a bridge between the permaculture and agroecology movements and the US government, through the USAID Food for Peace program

article by Warren Brush:








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