Andrew Clinard

Andrew Clinard


Andrew comes to Quail Springs from the far-away land of New England, and is appreciating the challenges of producing food in the desert. He is inspired by the bounties produced by small farmers, as well as the work of agro-ecologists and political ecologists that often critically defend food sovereignty. His introduction to permaculture came in Uganda, while living and working on a small family farm canopied by a prolific polyculture. He has since exchanged knowledge on farms in Central America and East Africa, conducted research on organic cotton, and attained fluency in Swahili. Skills acquired in a B.A. Environmental Studies program and M.A. African Studies program inform his work at our learning oasis.

As part of Quail Springs’ Farm Team, Andrew has taken charge of our new aquaponics program and has spearheaded the construction of a ground-breaking earthen greenhouse to house an aquaponics system that will illustrate and provide research on various methods of production suited to the diversified nutritional needs of a community.

Andrew finds solace in his workaholic nature; dividing his time between splitting wood, furthering the aquaponics system, grant writing, working on the farm, cleaning out the water pipeline, being a top-notch bad-joke student liaison, and rocking out in Quail Springs’ hard-folk band, Cuyama Mama and the Hot Flashes.

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