Rocket Mass Heater Workshop

January 24 – 27, 2014 

With Lasse Holmes 

Rocket mass heaters (RMH) are super efficient wood fired masonry stoves that are appropriate for many climates and lifestyles for a comfortable heat source that uses local fuel and doesn’t need an electrical grid connection. Known as the “people’s masonry stove”, RMH’s are simple, affordable to self build, use mostly simple local materials and offer the advantage that they can usually be retrofitted into cabins and small homes with minor structural reinforcing.

Lasse Holmes is a passionate natural builder, consultant and teacher residing off the road system in a timber frame, straw bale, and clay/fiber home heated by a rocket mass heater. About twelve years ago after almost a decade of commercial and residential construction on the lower Kenai he began to “break out of the box” and research and experiment with local natural materials for healthier lower embodied energy buildings that resonate with people and their surroundings. In 2010 he founded the Canyon Arts School of Natural Building.

Starts with an evening presentation Friday night, and goes through Sunday afternoon, with an option of staying through Monday.

Cost is $270 for the weekend, and $350 for three days.

Early bird discount: 10% off, register by Dec 7th

Register with a friend or register for multiple workshops in the series and get 10% off

Contact for more information or to register:  Sasha Rabin, [email protected] or 805-886-7239



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