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Hosting & Community Engagement Director

Start Date: April 1, 2023

"Quail Springs is a leading environmental educational nonprofit that empowers students of all ages and backgrounds with knowledge, skills, and inspiration essential to cultivating ecological and social health."

Our Mission Statement


About our nonprofit

Founded in 2004, Quail Springs (QS) is an educational non-profit that resides on a 450-acre permaculture demonstration site in the Cuyama Valley. Quail Springs is dedicated to exploring the possibilities of sustainable living in collaboration with our ecosystems, through practice and teaching. We believe that land health is human health, and that the lessons of simple living provide direction towards a thriving Earth and society.

About our community

The residents and staff of the QS site and nonprofit are a group of makers and thinkers who work together to create regenerative community systems. The residents and staff of QS strive to create a vibrant community and balanced workplace through passion, collaboration, and celebration.


Quail Springs is located near the tiny town of Cuyama, CA in the Cuyama Valley iof Southern California. The elevation is approximately 3,600' and the land is high desert, piñon-juniper woodland. The ruggedly beautiful Los Padres National Forest surrounds Quail Springs on three sides.


Prospective candidates will embrace simple, remote rural living in a community while working in a nonprofit organization. Quail Springs has recently adopted a new organizational structure with the aim of empowering all employees with decision-making power in their areas of work and supporting a more equitable, efficient and engaging work environment. We are excited about this new structure and a successful applicant will have an interest in, or knowledge of, non-hierarchical workplace structures and a commitment to grow with us. Part of this practice is a commitment to weekly Town Hall and Business Circle meetings, where we discuss, problem solve, and come to consensus on relevant needs and topics related to community living and nonprofit functions. All staff are requested to participate in these weekly meetings and are welcome to join any other circles that have specific functions and purposes.

Position description

Hosting & Community Engagement Director

The Hosting & Community Engagement Director is responsible for hosting visitors, leading site tours and supporting community comfort and safety. The Hosting Director is also responsible for all email and phone correspondence with guests as well as general inquiries to Quail Springs. They are the point person for orienting and overseeing guests onsite as well.

This position is largely self-directed and the right candidate will be able to work independently as well as in collaboration with staff and the community.

Primary responsibilities


  • Host public and private visitors and site tours
  • Plan and coordinate hosting with the on-site team
  • Communicate new hosting opportunities with the team during business meetings
  • Provide helpful and thorough pre-arrival information to guests
  • Coordinate and delegate support roles for tours and hosting
  • Relationship building through follow-up communication, genuine touch-ins throughout the year and networking to foster connections between people and projects
  • Tracking the history and development of QS relationships
  • Understand the most current state of compliance process with Ventura County as it pertains to visitors at our site
  • Steward relationship with neighbors: maintaining driveway and gate agreements
  • Public sharing of the QS story and updates of advocacy, farm and online programs
  • Oversee stewardship and beautification of the guest space

People care

  • Place monthly food orders for the 15-20 person on-site community
  • Pick up monthly food order and foster relationship with purveyors
  • Collaborate with the community in ensuring health and safety of people on the land as People Care Circle Coordinator
  • Collaborate with the community to maintain common spaces
  • Key member of the Covid Committee


  • Responsible for fielding all general email inquiries from our website
  • Check voicemails weekly and report to team
  • Office Manager

Qualifications & qualities

  • Public speaking
  • Experience hosting tours
  • Spanish proficiency (strongly desired)
  • Outgoing personality with the ability to clearly and effectively communicate with a variety of people
  • Exceptional communication skills and willingness to have difficult conversations (experience with NVC and/or conflict mediation skills)
  • Knowledge of, or desire to learn, Permaculture systems
  • Ability to create an inspiring and motivating work environment
  • Ability to convey the values and purpose of our nonprofit to others
  • Ability to give and receive constructive feedback
  • Proficient computer skills
  • Strong writing skills
  • Flexibility and adaptability to changing situations
  • Ability to create and manage your own schedule
  • Self-directed and takes initiative on work and projects
  • Investment in community outreach and relationship building
  • Cultural sensitivity and adaptable working style
  • Ability and desire to live in community and to work well in a team
  • Strong work ethic and attention to detail
  • Willingness to engage in community chores (laundry, cleaning, cooking, etc.)
  • A strong spirit of volunteerism on community projects

Successful applicants are flexible, solution focused, open to learning, and have an interest in equitable and resilient community structures. A collaborative and playful spirit as well as strong  communication skills and an orientation towards leaning in during conflict will serve the successful candidate in this position.

Quail Springs has a continued and vested interest in dismantling the complex systems of oppression that keep indigenous peoples, communities of color, LGBTQ+ communities, and other communities not listed here from participating in farming and permaculture. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all.

Working & living conditions

This position is approximately 30 hr/week, with some weeks being less, and others being more. The successful candidate is self-directed and maintains flexibility with a shifting workload. This role is primarily an office job with approximately 70% of the responsibilities computer-based and 30% site-based. We all share in community responsibilities, in addition to our paid work. The Hosting Director lives and works in the Quail Springs community setting, where there are anywhere from 15-20 other people living and working on the mission of the organization. The site is remote, with limited communications (cell phones do not work, and the internet and phone service are limited to the office area). Our WiFi working environment includes two small offices and outdoor spaces. More details will be discussed during the interview process.


Application process

Please take care to fully fill out our online application so we may best get to know you. If your application is approved, we will set up interviews. We are hard-working folks, so please be patient with our response time! But also don’t hesitate to check back in on the status of your application.

The application will close February 1. We will subsequently host Zoom interviews and will invite candidates who have been welcomed to the third round of interviews for an on-site visit at QS, likely mid or late February. We highly recommend that third-round interviewees come out for a day or an overnight stay to see if it feels like a good fit. We hope to welcome the new Hosting & Community Engagement Director to join our community by April 1st.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to reviewing your application!

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