Alex Vincent

Alex Vincent


In this time of Great Turning, Alex Vincent is one of many collaborating towards a future where our grandchildren’s grandchildren’s grandchildren will know of hunger, homelessness, and abuse only as stories from a time long before theirs. Stumbling through the life-long process of remembering himself, Alex has managed to acquire a diverse set of experiences that have helped to uncover a passion for cooperative design processes, transformative education for young adults, and community empowerment.

Alex’s permaculture journey sprouted from the Sustainable Vocations program at Quail Springs, a place he has since returned to as a teacher, board member, and a deeply connected friend. While at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo completing his Bachelors Degree in Architecture, his journey leafed out through the creation of the Poly Permaculture Club and his thesis work, which forged new headway in presenting permaculture as a model for the natural evolution of American universities. From there it has grown to include consulting on a variety of designs ranging from backyards to homes to ranches and co-creating permaculture design courses, workshops, and events.

Inspired by the stories and histories of indigenous villages, Alex’s journey has led him to put his ear to the ground, listen to the wishes of the earth, and follow the call of future generations. He is currently applying his learning towards the ongoing design of an ecovillage still in conception among the redwood-dressed hills of the Northern California coast.

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