Alexx Pryjma

Alexx Pryjma

Dedicated since childhood to listening and learning from the subtle whispers of the plant and animal worlds, Alexx has followed her nose and heart on a wild goose chase toward connection and homecoming. After earning a degree in Culinary Arts in 2003, Alexx worked as a private chef and cooked on sailboats in Maine. She  turned to farming in  2006 when she stepped out of the culinary world to sprout seeds, have her hands in the soil and grow food for herself and loved ones. This quest has led her to volunteer on farms in Europe and across the US, start her own farm, create a landscaping business and tend trees at an arboretum in the Catskill Mountains.  She served on the board of the Berkshire Food Co-op in Great Barrington, MA from 2012-2015. 

Alexx made her way to California and Quail Springs after a year of traveling the western US in a van with her dog Yogi.  At Quail Springs she first worked as the Co-Farm Director before changing to  the role of Co-Executive Director. 

As a white person of European descent, Alexx is humbly committed to ongoing learning and expansion of radical inclusivity and individual/ collective healing of societal and generational trauma. 

She is motivated by a continually deepening curiosity for why people, plants and animals do what they do. In continued attempts to understand herself and her fellow humans while bringing about more ease and connectivity she has studied non-violent communication, somatic movement, reiki, meditation and animal communication.

Alexx experiences unbridled passion for singing, exploring abandoned buildings, beginner rock climbing, folk art, oddities, mystery and deep belly laughs.

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