Andrew Clinard

Andrew Clinard


Andrew lived at Quail Springs for more than six years, where he wore many hats including development director, interim executive director, community outreach, farm team member, facilities guy, and spearheader of various projects. On the board, Andrew focuses on networking and development work.

Andrew originates in the far-away land of New England, and is appreciating the Southern California climate. He is inspired by the bounties produced by small farmers, as well as the work of agro-ecologists and political ecologists that critically defend food sovereignty. His introduction to permaculture came in Uganda, while living and working on a small family farm canopied by a prolific polyculture. He has since exchanged knowledge on farms in Central America and East Africa, conducted research on organic cotton, and attained fluency in Swahili. Skills acquired in a B.A. Environmental Studies program and M.A. African Studies program inform his work in the world.

In his free time, Andrew is probably writing “fiction from the farm” comedy about communal living and permaculture, or writing songs about rain and drought.

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