Brendan MacCorgarry

Brendan MacCorgarry


Brendan is an outdoorsman who has spent his life fishing, hunting, making, and turning over rocks all over California’s wild lands. Brendan has been a mentor to youth and adults in a variety of land-based and traditional skills for over six years. He believes deeply in the re-connection of our bodies and minds to the land through dedicated practice, hard work, and devotion.

Brendan is continually humbled by the deepening that takes place when groups of people work together towards a common goal. Brendan is honored to be a support and an accomplice on the learning journey of those who seek to deepen relationship to land, self, and skill.

When he isn’t assembling and reassembling the vast number of small engines on Quail Springs site, you can find Brendan in the kitchen preparing feasts, at our archery range, working with youth, or on the coast fishing.

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