Carson Cash

Carson Zakarian Cash


Carson Zakarian Cash is a young person and farmer who is trying to make sense of the world. She grew up in the Santa Cruz mountains, helping in the gardens of her parents and learning to be constantly in awe of the natural world. she was lucky to attend a Waldorf school for part of her education, where her love of stories, beauty, and plants was nurtured. In high school, Carson began to come to terms with just how important agriculture is—an accumulation of so many critical aspects of life and a critical place for profound change. Around that time she decided that she wanted to be a farmer and began working and traveling and learning.

Carson is interested in regenerative agricultural practices and in land-based skills that can provide agency and community. She is excited to learn from and work with people who are committed to building new systems that are based on justice, equity, and ecology. She loves getting to work outside with animals, and in the gardens with the community.

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