Chloe Rose

Chloe Rose


Chloe Rose has been in love with the beautiful land, animals and people of Quail Springs since participating in the youth focused Sustainable Vocations program in 2011. Only 15 at the time, one of the youngest participants of that year, her passion was deeply sparked by the inspiring three week course. Following her curiosity for the natural world, she found herself traveling to different farms across the country and abroad. After experiencing the beauty of many other cultures and landscapes, she returned back to California but was still searching for the community that she saw at Quail Springs. It didn’t take long to find herself back beneath the piƱons for The Sacred Hunt weekend workshop and an entire summer internship on the farm. She’s been a Quail Springs core team member ever since.

Chloe is one of the main Wild Series Instructors, having taken on many new ancestral arts and skills during her time on the land. Her passions include animal processing and charcuterie, milking the goats, tanning hides, weaving baskets, beading, loom weaving, playing banjo, wildcrafting, singing and making adornments of all kinds. In love with the slow and connected lifestyle, she is in awe of the magic of the land and the beauty that is always alive.

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