Dani Mingo

Dani Mingo


pronouns: she

Dani often tells herself, “As long as I am in a reciprocal relationship with the land, I will feel deep purpose and integrity.” An Environmental Studies graduate from UC Santa Cruz, Dani has spent the last 6 years working for various non-profits in the realms of feminine empowerment, soul recovery, animal education with youth and now Quail Springs. The pandemic reawakened and rerouted her to live land-based and land-centered. She is passionate about living communally as a powerful incubator for self-realization, collective inspiration and health. Born and raised in San Diego, Dani has spent most of her life in California between Santa Cruz, San Diego and Sacramento, where she helped form an intentional community house and also discovered a new passion for massage therapy and bodywork. She perceives much of her life’s work through the lens and intention of healing. 

Dani is enlivened by and committed to a life of play, joy, curiosity, accountability, learning, redistributing privilege, brave love, creativity and justice. When she’s not welcoming work traders and hosting faces familiar and new to Quail Springs, you can find her surfing, dancing, instigating a soccer game or talking to plants. Dani is new to this region of traditional Chumash lands and is committed to being here in reverent stewardship.

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