Daniel Francis

Daniel Francis


Daniel Aaron Francis hails from the Santa Ana River Watershed, 5 generations deep. His love for ecological design began in 1997 when he noticed a tree growing through a hole in the hood of an old parked car off the highway, and discovered the Solar Living Institute in northern California. He went on to study at the Bullock Bros, La’Akea, OAEC and the Abundance Eco – Village. Daniel is a regenerative designer, educator, project manager, Rite-of-Passage guide, culture-repair mentor and restoration artist. He holds multiple self-awarded honorary PhD’s in common-sense.

Finding powerful ways to engage youth and adults to create greater levels of ecological and social awareness coupled with commitment to place are central to his work. Bridging the social and environmental issues of our time have been his ultimate design challenge and vocational calling. He is currently studying human development at Prescott College, focusing on both social-justice and pan-cultural rites-of-passage.

As of September of 2019 he has joined the leadership team and community of Quail Springs. He is honored to explore concordant relationships of collaboration and service with and to all those who call Quail home, the land, and the surrounding communities impacted by all the work of Quail Springs.

Daniel revels in telling stories of Steelhead making a comeback, giving thanks for his community, and finding ways to bring all things on the margin back to the center.

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