Danielle Brehmer

Danielle Brehmer


In the summer of 2011, Danielle (nicknamed Willow by fellow Quail Springs community members) left her home state of Minnesota and journeyed to California to learn about healthy and sustainable living methods. After spending several months learning about natural building and permaculture throughout California, she ventured to the high desert mountains of Quail Springs where she soon fell in love with the beauty of the land and the people of the Quail Springs community. 

She has learned so much during her time at Quail Springs and has taken an interest in many things there including gardening, animal tending, permaculture design, cooking, cheese-making, and natural building. She hopes to continue expanding her knowledge in all of these areas while pursuing her interests in art and music as well. Overall, Danielle aims to live a life that is healthy and sustainable for the mind, body, and planet, all while sharing the world of permaculture with others.

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