Edith Maurno

Edith Maurno


Edith was born in the historic city of Puebla in Mexico, and traveled to the US at the age of 16, arriving in the Tampa Bay area in Florida. It was there that Edith finished her studies, started a family, worked in food service and in the medical field, and eventually joined the corporate world rising, over a period of 16 years, to a high level management position in charge of tech support, programming, quality control and finances for a software company.

In 2006, deciding that the workload was not worth the time away from her family, Edith began to seek a better quality of life. During six months of researching alternatives to the high-stress corporate world, the themes of Permaculture and natural building kept appearing. With the end goal of downsizing and simplifying their lives, Edith and her former husband sold their house, bought an RV, and hit the road. While in Texas, the invitation to join Quail Springs arrived in response to an ad placed on the Natural Building Network. Driving out to California with their 12-year old daughter, Edith and family landed at Quail Springs in 2007 and she has happily made it her home ever since. Her daughter Senia is now studying in the state of Washington at Wilderness Awareness School, while her two sons, Victor and Erik, live and work at Quail Springs. 

Edith is a third generation jewelry maker, a crafter, and a seamstress extraordinaire. She learned to use a treadle machine from her mother at an early age, along with crocheting and knitting by the age of nine. Edith also attended culinary school at a young age and infuses all of her cooking with the love and passion of her rich cultural heritage, and family traditions.

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