Jack Thrift

Jack Thrift


Jack Thrift is dedicated to building mutually beneficial relationships with our environment and he strives to nurture and restore ecological systems. He joined Quail Springs in 2013 and soon discovered a love for the community, culture, landscape, and work and began to call Quail Springs his home. He believes in the mission of Quail Springs and is honored to play a part in their 200-year plan. In developing his relationship with land, he fell in love with animals, their unique skill sets and their graceful impact on the land under just the right conditions. This is compounded by a love of meat, milk, fiber, hides, manure and walking on the land.

Jack has studied permaculture, agriculture and holistic management for 5-years in many locations and institutions. From studying ranch management in Oklahoma to studying permaculture in Thailand, he tries to have a wide-angle view of projects that he takes on. In school he studied journalism, and spent several years traveling, living in West Yellowstone, Key West, Katmandu and Calgary. After moving to Quail Springs, Jack became focused on the powerful impact of animal grazing and land management so began studying Holistic Management. Through Holistic Management he believes that we can have an enormously beneficial impact on desertified landscapes and create right livelihood, while helping to reduce water waste and encouraging a healthy carbon cycle.

Having the opportunity to work with natural systems creates a fulfilling life for Jack and he enjoys a life that is directly connected to its means. He likes to watch things change and grow–including himself. Jack believes in social and environmental justice, and that these things are worth fighting for. He loves music, dancing, singing, storytelling, practical jokes, craftsmanship, people, conversation, exploration and enjoying–when he can–the pleasures of life.

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