Jack Thrift

Jack Thrift


pronouns: he

After 6 years working with the livestock, landscapes, and mission of Quail Springs, Jack became enchanted with native California range and the role of ruminants in it. As Rangeland Manager at Quail Springs, he studied the high desert, oak savannah, short grass prairie and chaparral communities of the California Central Coast and developed a plan for managing their 450 acre site. He was the caretaker of the 4,000 acre Cornelson Ranch in Fairview, Oklahoma, where he was mentored by long time holistic management practitioner Kim Barker of Walnut Creek Farms. He fine-tuned his work with sheep and deepened his understanding of the prescribed grazing service and California lamb industry working with Kaos Sheep Outfit before developing and launching Cuyama Lamb, LLC with Jenya.

Cuyama Lamb LLC is an ecological vegetation management outfit, harvesting fine wool and delicious lamb as the by-product. They aim to develop a regional, cooperatively owned operation that is motivated at its core to create generational change in degraded California landscapes, to mitigate climate change and to change ownership and equity in the new food system.

When he isn’t taking in the breathtaking views of the beautiful lands we get to occupy, he is playing little folk ditties and fighting for environmental justice.

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