Laine MacTague

Laine MacTague


Laine holds degrees in wildlife biology and literature, & is published in both fields. Relishing the insights gained from the interplay of such disparate schools of study, he continued the trend by working in fields as varied as biological consultancy, real estate investment, and research oenology. He even spent several years working as – of course – a handyman.

The constants in Laine’s life are learning, and teaching / facilitation. The topics provide the variety: He taught or teaches subjects as diverse as algebra and adventure motorcycle riding skills, writing and falconry, geometry and rock climbing.

In 2010, MacTague was applying his ecological/biological understanding (and personal values) to the process of landscaping investment homes. With the relief of a cross country hiker discovering a footpath going his way, Laine encountered permaculture. After a period of solitary study, his relationship with Quail Springs began in 2012, with that year’s PDC.

Currently in urbania, he is interested in a pattern language for Mediterranean urban home permaculture, and is experimenting with methods of resource cycling, energy production, small animal management, water management, hardscape construction, and other aspects of sustainable urban living. The tenth-acre he lives on echoes his study, his work, his teaching; cherries and guava, prickly pear and bananas, white sage and chocolate mint. Laine is pleased to have had great success reintroducing native small animals into this home ecological system.

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