Ryan Spaulding

Lauren Rendler

Seed Stewardship Coordinator

pronouns: she / they

Lauren is someone who follows the soft whispering of dreams beyond her own comprehension. Someone who seeks to deeply feel the subtleties of magic all around her. To feel the beauty and magic, is to simultaneously feel the deep grief of this time. In allowing the grief to move her, she has found herself joining together with others to directly confront pieces of the colonial violence on these lands through organizing against pipelines, logging and policing.

While the need to take a bold and direct stand against colonial violence is necessary for all our survival, she also finds it necessary to tend to all that gives us life with curiosity and reverence. For her, this is where seed stewarding comes in. As a dedicated student of the seed, she has found herself under the mentorship of Rowen White through her Seed Seva program. She feels the truth of Rowen’s teachings deep in her bones. Especially Rowen’s teachings on how sowing seeds and dedicating ourselves to their well being is an embodied prayer and a potent form of activism.

When Lauren came to Quail Springs as a work trader she found herself surrounded by people who feed life around them with such beauty. She is currently part of the farm team, who hold the collective vision of seed stewarding as a key element to the resilience and liberation of our communities. She finds great pride in the role to weave seed stewarding into Quail Springs plant systems. Lauren is coordinating a specific project for this season centered on reverence and community resilience through seed stewarding.

She leaves us with a prayer, “Go raibh míle maith agat! May a thousand blessings come your way! And may the practice of seed stewarding be a tendril of remembrance on how to live with reverence and foresight.”

For inquiries or possible collaborations, you can reach Lauren at the email below.

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