Trevor Warmedahl

Trevor Warmedahl


Trevor landed at Quail Springs after spending a decade learning the craft of cheesemaking and working in small scale raw milk dairying.  He oversees the daily milking and farm animal care, as well as the milk fermentation program here, and works alongside the other community members and work trade crew to accomplish the daily work of the food producing circles.  Important to him is the role of the herd as soil enrichers and cyclers of nutrient in land stewardship efforts, with livestock rearing being integral to the fertility of gardens and orchards. He envisions a new paradigm in dairying of trusting and respecting the intelligence of the herd and allowing livestock to act out their nutritional wisdom and instincts.

He is an avid backpacker/hiker and lover of wilderness knowledge such as plant identification, weather watching, and tracking.  He is obsessed with food preparation, preservation,  and many types of fermentation.  He spends his free time reading, writing, and waxing philosophically on the wonders of life on planet earth.

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