This online land-based living course invites you to cultivate a deeper connection with what nourishes you for greater sustainable living.


What is this course?

In this 8-month self-directed course, Quail Springs offers practical information and activities that will catalyze a deepening relationship with what sustains you. A land-based life isn't something that is done solely in rural areas; urban dwellers can take simple steps towards sustainable living. In this course you’ll be introduced to permaculture principles and explore how to work with climate characteristics, water, soil, gardening, animal husbandry, cheesemaking & fermentation, herbalism and much more!

There are so many different roads you can take while exploring a land-based life, and the path you take is totally up to you. This course offers practical and achievable steps to incorporate land-based living into your life and community! Leading a more sustainable lifestyle is never completed in one course, but rather a lifelong process. This course is your guide to starting the journey.

Land-Based Living Course

Why this course?

This Land-Based Living Course is for you if you are interested in following a way of life that brings you closer to nature or if you would simply like to expand your skills set.

A land-based life doesn’t have to be an all or nothing choice, but rather cultivated over time. You may have a goal of residing on a few acres, or living vibrantly in your apartment complex or in the suburbs. This online Land-Based Living Course supports the many pathways to more skillful & sustainable living no matter where you live.

" There aren’t words for how this course has impacted me… I know that this has altered the trajectory of my life, both personally and professionally. "
Ciara Butterfield
Former PDC Participant

Why Quail Springs?

Quail Springs has been teaching courses for almost 2 decades! Thousands of students from around the world have gained land-based and community building skills with us and have gone on to do change-making work in their communities and in their own lives.

Our teaching staff are farmers, activists, builders, and thinkers who not only teach, but also advocate regionally and internationally for policy change. Our activism is currently focused on regional groundwater advocacy & preservation, and the legalization of climate appropriate earthen building. Quail Springs’ teaching staff includes both instructors who are residents at Quail Springs’ site, and instructors who live elsewhere and have contributed their expertise to this virtual course.

“The course content and community that was created exceeded my expectations and I’m sad it’s come to an end, but I’m excited for what the future brings.”
Online PDC Participant

Together. Online.

It is with excitement that we are able to offer this course in an online format. Quail Springs is committed to community-building as a core value of this course even when we are sharing space virtually. This course centers on connecting and uplifting the world's greatest resource: you.

Registration Information

  • Enrollment Opens: February 15, 2021
  • Sliding Scale Cost: $700 – $1000 — What is Sliding Scale?
  • Alternative pricing options available for BIPOC, and need-based scholarship opportunities available. Contact us here with any questions.
  • This course will be capped to keep the course connective, and we expect it fill up fast! Mark your calendars, or guarantee your spot by pre-registering below to get exclusive access to early enrollment.

Registration opens in the Winter of 2022

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Preview the course curriculum

WEEKS 1 – 2

Climate and Climate Characteristics

  • Introduction to Climate and Climate Characteristics


  • Water Ethics with Brenton Kelly
  • Water in Design
  • Rainwater Harvesting with Nicholas Holmes
  • Site Tour: Greywater and Rainwater Systems with Brad Lancaster


        • Planting the Rain with Warren Brush
        • Small Scale Earthworks Demonstration with Brenton Kelly


          • Living Soils
          • Compost


            • Gardening 101 with Oscar Carmona
            • In the Quail Springs Garden
            • Growing Your Own Mushrooms Outdoors for Food, Medicine, and Ecological Services with Danielle Stevenson

              WEEKS 3 – 4


              • Integrating Animal Systems
              • Beekeeping
              • Chicken Systems
              • Goat Systems

                    In the Kitchen

                    • Cheesemaking and Dairy Fermentation
                    • Vegetable Fermentation
                    • Bone Broth Basics
                    • Creating a Home Herbal Apothecary


                          • Waste and Bioremediation with Danielle Stevenson
                          • Greywater Systems with Nicholas Holmes

                            Bonus Lesson!

                            • Making Sourdough Bread

                            Frequently Asked Questions


                            Scholarships and self-determined sliding scale cost options available on a case by case basis. BIPOC and historically underrepresented students will be prioritized. Chumash individuals can take this course at no cost. Contact us here to inquire.