Daniel Francis

Daniel Francis


Daniel Aaron Francis is a regenerative designer, educator, project manager, culture-repair coyote, fly fisherman, musician and tracker.

He hails from the wild Santa Ana River Watershed, 5 generations deep. His Permaculture odyssey started in 1997 when he noticed a tree growing out of the hood of a parked car and pulled off the highway to discover the Solar Living Institute. In 2001 he completed his PDC’s at the Bullock Bros. & La’Akea. He is a certified Permaculture teacher and holds multiple self awarded honorary PhD’s in common sense.

In the past several years his skills have been applied in designing and installing passive and active water harvesting systems for community gardens, existing orchards/farms and residential homes. Finding powerful ways to engage youth and community to create awareness of the ecological, empowerment to redesign, and bridging the social and environmental issues of our time have been his ultimate design challenge and vocational calling.

Daniel is a palm tree aficionado, an aspiring perennial tree-based food systems expert and watershed river systems restoration artist. Currently he is apprenticing in guiding pan-cultural rites of passage work for youth and adults, and co-building a non profit to allow his and others work to reach more people. Mostly he revels in telling stories of Steelhead making a comeback, giving thanks for his community, and finding ways to integrate the margins of everything.