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Ryan Spaulding

Jeffrey Reidl

pronouns: he

While earning his Bachelors in Ethnoecology with emphasis on Biocultural Diversity Jeffrey became interested in learning deeper, more integrative ways of understanding and interacting with the world in an ethical and ecologically sound manner. Jeffrey completed his PDC in Austria, and later continued his training and education at the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia. Jeffrey deepened his understanding of Ethnoecology with a Master’s degree in Global Sustainability, where he researched how trees and forests impact public health and address environmental justice, while mitigating climate change and providing vital environmental benefits and services. Jeffrey has taught and worked with small-holder farmers, NGOs and community-based organizations around the world, mainly in East-Africa, to create resilient communities and healthy agro-ecosystems. After hearing stories from other Permaculture farms around the world, Jeffrey joined Quail Springs in spring 2017. He currently lives in Ojai, converting a conventional orchard into more diverse and climate appropriate agro-forestry systems using regenerative practices.