October - April 2023

Permaculture Farm Work Trade Opportunity
Quail Springs is a leading environmental educational nonprofit that empowers students of all ages and backgrounds with knowledge, skills, and inspiration essential to cultivating ecological and social health.
Quail Springs Mission Statement


about our nonprofit

Founded in 2004, Quail Springs Permaculture is a leading educational nonprofit stewarding a 450-acre, high desert permaculture farm and regeneration site. We are dedicated to demonstrating and teaching holistic ways of designing human environments, as well as facilitating deeper understandings of our relationships with ourselves, one another, and our local ecologies. We teach strategies and techniques for designing resilient environments and creating healthy and culturally vibrant communities.

About Our Community

Quail Springs residents and staff are a dedicated group of solutionaries, farmers, artists, and land stewards who strive to further our nonprofit's mission through working, living, and creating together in collaboration with the land. Our organization focuses on providing education through our online courses; tending and rehabilitating the land which we inhabit; creating culture through food, music and farming; as well as sharing and exchanging skills and regenerative projects within our communities. Note: Due to Covid and county imposed restrictions all of our education programs are now online.

About Our Farm

Since 2004, we have been building soil and growing food in a high desert climate. It has been an evolution of experimentation, ongoing learning, frustration and incredible breakthroughs. We farm on a small scale in harsh conditions with limitations that call upon creativity and collaboration with the elements. We supplement purchased organic bulk foods with our own dairy, eggs, meat, greens, and herbs throughout the year. The animals on the farm currently include an 18 goat herd with 5 milking does, a flock of 50 chickens, 2 livestock guardian dogs (Great Pyrenees), and 3 farm cats.

We are continuously learning and evolving our practices in dryland agriculture and watershed restoration, and we endeavor to practice regenerative land stewardship. Most importantly, we aim to open our doors to new agrarians wanting to gain knowledge of this landscape and healthy agroecological practices to encourage the continued stewardship of the Earth.

Position Description

Our farm support work exchange offering is a 5.5-month residency at Quail Springs, grounded in community living and working as a team within our food systems. The experience provides day-to-day practice of running our full-time farmstead and being a part of this community. This is a space to deepen connection with yourself and others while acquiring practical skills of maintaining a farmstead.

What to expect


Farm support work-traders are part of the team that runs the farm. They are oriented into working on our Permaculture-based farmstead, living in community, and supporting the endeavors of an educational nonprofit organization. Participants gain skill and understanding, and build confidence through hands-on, field-based immersion into our daily life.


Participants are fully included in Quail Springs community activities. This includes attending our regular Tuesday Town Meetings, participating in circles (aka subcommittees) of interest, signing up to cook dinner or wash dishes 2-3 times/week, and participating in regular communal tending, e.g. doing kitchen laundry, tidying & cleaning the various common spaces, chopping firewood, and other projects that come up and are needed.

Farm and garden tasks are a daily focus for farm team volunteers and select staff, while other community members and staff spend their days focused on other tasks (e.g. facilities, education, programming, administration, advocacy).

Weekly Expectations

Farm and garden work and community tasks will roughly total 25 hours per week over 5 work days. Each work trade volunteer will have two days off per week. Working early mornings will be regularly required.

Off-grid Living

Cell phones do not receive service here. As a fully off-grid community in a remote location, our community phone and internet services are very limited. Furthermore, we are dependent on our photovoltaic solar panels. Consequently, we have to be flexible about which machines we use, especially on cloudy days. If any of this is a concern please speak with us about what is available.

Sample Day

*subject to change based on weather and season, but early mornings should be expected

    5:30–8:00 – Chores: Goat Milking // Caring for Chickens // Irrigating // Personal Time

    8:00–9:00 – Self made breakfast

    9:00–12:00 – Farm or Community Projects Time

    12:00–2:00 – Self-made or collaborative Lunch // Siesta // Personal Time // Lunch Chores // Optional Projects

    2:00–5:00 – Farm or Community Projects Time

    5:00–6:00 – PM chores // Rest // Personal Time

    6:00–7:30 –Community Dinner

    7:30–8:30 – Personal Time // Lead Something you like for the community!: full moon night hike, games, crafts, music sharing, ecstatic dance, storytelling campfire, movie night, or learning to make fire by friction

    8:30–10:00 – Optional Socializing // Bed-time

      What skills will I be exposed to and practice?

      Animal Systems

      • Basics of Caring for Goats and Poultry
      • Basics of Animal Husbandry
      • Collecting and Storing Eggs
      • Healthy Dairy Protocols for Milking
      • Animal Processing (optional): Harvesting, Skinning, and Butchering

        Harvest Preservation and Food Preparation

        • Root Cellaring
        • Fermenting, Pickling, Freezing, and Drying
        • Making Yogurt and Basic Cheeses
        • Cooking in Earthen Ovens

          Additional Opportunities (As Needed or As Interests Give Rise To)

          • Chopping Firewood
          • Light natural building repairs
          • Watershed Stewardship 

          Plant Systems

          • Seeding According to Biodynamic Calendar
          • Hand Watering Seedlings
          • Hardening Off Plants
          • Planting Greenhouse Crops
          • Dryland Farming Techniques
          • Plant ID
          • Drip Irrigation: Set Up, Use, and Maintenance
          • Planting and Managing for Biodiversity
          • Transplanting
          • Compost Pile Construction & Turning
          • Application of Compost and Other Soil Amendments
          • Cover Cropping
          • Crop Rotation
          • Plant Nutrition Basics
          • Proper Shrub & Tree Pruning Techniques
          • Integrated Pest Management
          • Harvesting
          • Seed saving


          Quail Springs is located near the tiny town of Cuyama, CA in the Cuyama Valley iof Southern California. The elevation is approximately 3,600' and the land is high desert, piñon-juniper woodland. The ruggedly beautiful Los Padres National Forest surrounds Quail Springs on three sides.


          $100 non-refundable deposit upon acceptance. Financial assistance available. Contact us below for more info.

          Other Details

          We ask all visitors and volunteers to adhere to our no drugs policy, and to smoke tobacco products only in the designated smoking areas as we are in a zone at high risk for wildfires. We understand that the use of cannabis is legal in many places, but we strive to maintain a cannabis free social setting. We also understand that this means living at Quail Springs may not be a fit for everyone. 

          Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate any new pets at this time.

          Many are inspired to come to Quail Springs because of our Natural Building reputation. We now teach natural building methods online and enjoy small and occasional repair projects on-site, however it is important to share that we cannot currently build earthen buildings due to county-imposed restrictions to our site. 

          COVID Practices

          Our community is committed to risk mitigation of spreading covid in attempts to protect both our internal and external communities. We have community agreed upon guidelines and protocols to support these values, as well as a weekly committee that continues to evaluate and address our communities concerns as the infections continue to evolve and change. Being a part of our community means contributing and practicing these protocols with us. Currently, based on transmission rates, our community has agreed to begin a masking protocol of 7 days whenever one breaks distance outside of quail springs. We have agreed to wear masks at indoor spaces in public. This will be thoroughly addressed during the interview in which we can connect and you may share concerns and questions.

          Qualities & Qualifications of the Ideal Person

          This opportunity is what you make it. Successful candidates take a “participant” attitude over “observer.”

          • Desire and ability to work in a community (a must!)
          • Ability to work within a team as well as independently on projects after adequate orientation has been given
          • Strong work ethic, an enjoyment of physical work, and strength & stamina
          • Ability to lift up to 50 lbs
          • An enjoyment of tending animals and gardens
          • No allergies to animals
          • Mindfulness, cultural sensitivity, and an ability for self-care & self-managing independent time 
          • Willingness to listen actively and speak authentically & honestly
          • Good interpersonal skills, a positive attitude, and a good sense of humor
          • Willingness to engage in community chores (laundry, cleaning, etc.)
          • Completion of a Permaculture Design Course (PDC) or experience working on a farm is highly desired
          • We are willing to train someone who is eager to help out and support Quail Springs in its mission

            Trial Period

            Once you begin, there is an initial two week trial period. During the trial period, work trade volunteers and the Quail Springs community can terminate the agreement.

            Application Process

            We are so grateful that you arrived here. We invite you to thoroughly read about our community and this position description. Please take your time to answer the questions following this description intentionally so we can best get to know you. We welcome your questions and curiosities via the questions section below.

            If your application is approved, we will set up interviews. We are hard-working folks on rural internet, so please be patient with response time. But also don’t hesitate to check back in on the status of your application.

            Our Work Trade Director welcomes any questions about the application, our organization, or our community. If you are invited for an interview, there will be space for this as well. We look forward to hearing from you!


            Please let us know below if you have any questions about this position.
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