NOTICE: Quail Springs was not directly impacted by the recent fires or mudslides and we continue to operate in full capacity.
Our hearts go out to all those affected.

Quail Springs Fall Fundraising Appeal

Quail Springs Fall
Fundraising Appeal


“I know I will go away from here and change the world.”

- Aisha, age 18
SEEDS Program Graduate 2018

Your donations to Quail Springs Scholarship Fund made it possible for Aisha to become a leader in her community. Thank you.

Your Support is Critical to:

  • Continue providing access to communities in need through our scholarship fund
  • Establish needed site infrastructure upgrades
  • Safeguarding local communities by advancing sustainable groundwater policy & protecting vital water resources
  • Legalizing affordable, natural, non-toxic housing

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Quail Springs is a leading environmental educational nonprofit that empowers students of all ages and backgrounds with knowledge, skills, and inspiration essential to cultivating ecological and social health.


Quail Springs is a collective of onsite educators, farmers, ecologists, natural builders, chefs, artists, and other talented team members, connected to expansive local and international networks of leading-edge practitioners and passionate change-makers.


Quail Springs is located in the Coast Ranges of the Southern California mountains in a quiet canyon of the Cuyama Valley, surrounded on three sides by the ruggedly beautiful Los Padres National Forest.


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