Ryan Spaulding

Inlakesh Amor

Board Director

pronouns: he

Inlakesh Amor became a regenerative farmer at the McGrath Ranch in 2018 when he created an event center to invite folks to learn more about farming. Kesh was inspired to join the farm through its farmstore; the fruits and vegetables were unlike anything he’d tasted in his life. Kesh volunteered at McGrath Ranch for several years before moving on to volunteer at another farm. Kesh came back to eventually become a partner/owner of the McGrath Family Famers in Camarillo, California.

His experience ranges from hands-on labor, to managing 10 acres of polyculture row crops for farmers markets, chefs, caterers and local distribution. Kesh has been farming organically for ten years, and for the recent half those years he has been pushing for more regenerative practices. As his farming skill developed his understanding of the significance of healthy food was solidified. It brings Kesh great pleasure to help others understand that our bodies are worth much more than billions of dollars and that regeneratively grown fruits and vegetables are the best information and fuel for our human species to exist. Soil is the foundation in which to grow healthy food. Kesh feels that there is a great need for universities and thriving businesses to dive into the foundation of the symbiotic relationship with our invisible ancient friends. How do we gamify the monumental interplay of microbes with resilient plants and robust humans? Fortunately, Kesh has the opportunity to experiment on my farm and become a relentless force to push in that direction.

Kesh was inspired to join the Quail Springs board after interacting with many of its’ staff during a water awareness fundraising event. He feels there need to be many more places where people can understand that we are intertwined with earth and all of nature. He enjoys imagining a Quail Springs satellite orbiting his farm. Also, his regenerative farming background seems to run parallel to a part of Quail Springs’ mission. Plus it’s great to find like minds to make ripples that will reverberate into the future.