Ryan Spaulding

Kasia Shebloski

Work Trade & Farm Director

pronouns: she / they

Kasia is guided by the phenomenology of magic. She explores the questions: How do the hands love? Where can we serve from a place of care, of softness, of wild, of vulnerable bravery and brave vulnerability?

Kasia bravely chose to defer from her path of pursuing a license in mental health counseling to listen to and learn from the wisdom of the land, ancestral rememberings, and songs sung by new-shaping post-colonial landscapes and reimagined communities. She is a dancer and deep somatic feeler who is dedicated to explore the liberation, empowerment, and pleasure in the body to wake with others to freedom from learned and inherited harms and traumas that live in our nervous systems. Kasia is committed to advocating for and supporting the health of diverse and divergent minds and mental experiences. Her work is inspired by the mantra that nurturing relation to the land, soil, and our bodies cultivates deep healing and safer spaces within ourselves and the more-than-human collective.

Kasia’s journey meets this desert community to nourish longings of a fertile future ~ dreams of hands who know the stories of their food and waterways, who love by tending land and each other. A jester of play and absurdity and a devotee to stillness, Kasia seeks to make beauty and magic with the divine gift of attention and presence.

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