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Leo Lauchere

Board Director

pronouns: he

Enamored with tinkering as a young child, Leo Lauchere took apart his toys and built new creations from the parts. He ended his homeschooling education by enrolling in college at the age of sixteen. Thinking he would make a career out of building elaborate sets, he began taking filmmaking and set building courses. Later he gained competence with machinery after volunteering with a club that restores stream engines. Maintaining a dedicated enthusiasm for the outdoors he became an Eagle Scout, and completed a Permaculture Design Course.

Often described as an Eco Mad Max, Leo co-founded EcoCamp Coyote LLC an off-grid, intentional community and an internationally recognized ecosystem restoration camp manifested from salvaged parts and shipping containers. By leveraging his background in tinkering, building and his commitment to the health and improvement of the earth, the camp runs fully off of a solar system, with a biodigestor, rainwater catchment system, and biodiesel vehicles. Today, EcoCamp Coyote LLC focuses their energy on restoring marginalized land, building healthy soil, and restoring our relationships with fire by organizing action based projects and hosting camping events.

Leo also is the CEO and founder of Good News Wood Salvation, a business he started after rescuing redwood fence boards. Previously thrown away, the boards now have a second life as wall paneling. Through the efforts of the wood business, he was able to fund the building of EcoCamp Coyote LLC, and host his true passion, putting on educational events, inspiring the greater community.

Inspired by his time with the Boy Scouts, Leo is committed to supporting the movement of decentralizing education, and empowering people at a community level to credit one another through a badge system. He and his community continue to grow with one another by using sociocracy as a governance system and working towards creating a space of long term and permanent stewardship, where they hope to continue hosting educational events on the land, building a permanent community, which reintegrates humans as prolific agents in the ecosystem.