Ryan Spaulding

Rachel Higgins

Director of Facilities & Infrastructure

pronouns: they / she

Rachel is an artist, carpenter, radical plumber. They find empowerment through hands-on building and aim to help make the pursuit for social and environmental justice on this planet more do-able. From occupied Tongva land and cities known as L. A., Birmingham, and New York City, Rachel has immersed herself in creative building trades. Rachel worked, on and under-ground, as the Project Coordinator at Greywater Corps, designing and installing residential greywater and rainwater systems all over Los Angeles. They have also worked as a carpenter, custom fabricator, arts educator, studio manager, art handler, set builder, and have collaboratively designed & built residential decks, cabins, a timber-framed studio, outdoor showers and bath systems.

In their artwork, Rachel uses salvaged construction materials to create sculpture, performance, and participatory events which re-imagine social space. Their work subverts commercial design to make playful sculpture which implicate bodies through physical interaction. Past projects include a floating raft for performances, a fountain for public address, an exhibition space organized within an empty shopping mall, a playground made of post-modern architectural ruins, pop-up bathhouses, a series of trash receptacles, animated lamps, and synthetic stone furniture.

At Quail Springs, Rachel manages the infrastructure that supports our off-grid community–maintaining the natural buildings and solar energy and water systems. Whether Rachel is giving chainsaw safety tutorials, plumbing water lines, or building furniture from the salvage yard, they delight in the endless learning and sharing of skills.

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