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Yeni Gonzalez

Hosting & Community Engagement Director

pronouns: she / they

Yeni’s arrival to Quail Springs is a long, pleasant journey of following one’s heart to its deepest depths. Yeni was partially raised in both Torrance, California and Las Vegas, Nevada. By her early twenties, she soon found comfort in movement and it wasn’t long until she began expanding her horizons, traveling internationally with nothing more than a backpack as her companion. Through her insatiable hunger for exploring new landscapes and cultures, she discovered the joys of living rurally and working on farms and in gardens. The hard work of land stewarding and simple living was profoundly inspiring and became a sturdy foundation for her character to grow from.

In 2019, after completing her clinical herbalism course in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico with Well of Indigenous Wisdom School, her heart called for dark, rich soil beneath her fingernails again. She followed the wind which lead her to a sweet farm in Mendocino County, and it was there she shared the last 2.5 years deepening her relationship with food, wildcrafting, medicine making, soil building, cooking for community, and living joyfully with the seasons and cycles of nature.

Presently as a community member at Quail Springs, Yeni finds great pleasure working along side the farm team, meeting new plant friends, listening to the whispered wisdom of the mountains, and finding creative ways to incorporate herbs and flowers into delicious, nourishing meals. With a passion for teaching and connecting with others, Yeni shares her knowledge of herbal medicine with her community via empowering and engaging workshops as well as providing holistic health consultations.

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