Online Natural Building Course

In this Online Natural Building Course you will gain a basic understanding of natural building as well as building with cob and other earthen materials.

registration opens June 6

What is this course?

This Online Natural Building course will cover the basics of natural building, while also sharing the larger issues we face with our built environment, the changes that need to happen, and how to make those changes. Through a combination of pre-recorded lectures that you can watch at your own pace, as well as live sessions, you will be guided through the basics of analyzing site soil, mixing and building with cob, and building a small project.

Why this course?

Our lead instructor, Sasha Rabin, has over 20 years of experience teaching hands-on natural building courses.  Although Natural Building is a very hands-on, tactile experience, we have created a curriculum that will allow you to be guided through the process of learning these techniques at your own pace, on your own site.  

Our goal with this course is to broaden the access to natural building education and knowledge.


Why Quail Springs?

Quail Springs has been teaching in-person Natural Building Courses for over a decade, and has been on the leading edge of testing and research for cob building practices.  We have the unique experience of learning from both living in the structures we have built, as well as working with engineers and researchers to further the legality and accessibility of these methods and materials.  

Our teaching staff are farmers, activists, builders, and thinkers who not only teach, but also advocate at a regional level for policy change from agriculture and sustainable groundwater use, to building codes. 


Meet The Instructors.

Sasha Rabin - Online Permaculture Design Course
Sasha Rabin
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John Orcutt
John Orcutt
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Course Tuition

  • Video Lectures:
    • Our Built Environment
    • Methods and Materials
    • A Fire Safe Solution
    • Codes and Housing Advocacy
  • Foundational How-to Videos:
    • How to Mix Cob
    • How to Make Adobes
    • Basics of Earthen Plaster
  • Start to Finish Building Project Videos:
    • How to Build a Small Earthbag Wall
    • A Small Cooktop Rocket Stove
    • A Cob Oven
  • Quail Springs House Tour Video
  • Text versions of each lesson
  • List of resources and book recommendations
  • Access to this content for 6 months
  • 4 months of guidance and online support for your building project
  • 8 group live sessions with Q&A
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Scholarships and self-determined sliding scale cost options available on a case by case basis. BIPOC and historically underrepresented students will be prioritized. We will begin taking applications on August 8, 2022.

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