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John Orcutt

Natural Building Instructor

pronouns: he

In 2013 John left his job as a coral farmer seeking a more fulfilling life helping people build shelter for themselves. He spent the next three years as a nomadic natural builder and student. After studying at the Earthship Academy in New Mexico and the Cal-Earth Institute in California, John joined a crew of superadobe (earthbag) builders from Cal-Earth and built in California, Arizona, and Nepal. In April 2016, John came to Quail Springs to learn cob building, joining Sasha Rabin and Paul Swenson’s Natural Building course.

John was struck by the beauty of the land at Quail Springs, and overwhelmed by the community’s ability to inspire, educate, and empower its guests and students. In no hurry to leave, John stuck around, helping to complete the building started in the workshop. He is now privileged to call Quail Springs home and proud to play a role in the organization’s 200 year regenerative plan. Most of his time is spent working on the many natural building projects in the canyon, but he also enjoys contributing to the efforts of the facilities team, washing more dishes than any individual should, and is even attempting to learn how to cook (much to the shock and horror of his friends and family).

John has enjoyed learning from the community, the land, and it’s guests, but his most nourishing role at Quail Springs is sharing and teaching natural building, and helping with the variety of courses held on the land. The impact our community has on the students that join us continues to drive and inspire him.

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