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Ryan Spaulding

Danielle Stevenson

pronouns: she

Danielle is an environmental scientist and applied mycologist with 10+ years of experience in research, design, implementation and management of projects that solve complex problems- and develop sustainable solutions- within food systems, ecological systems and community-level health. She works with innovative, applied scientific approaches that bridge ecological remediation, restoration, waste management and biotechnology to develop interdisciplinary teams of industry, governmental, academic and community organization partners for greatest impact. She is passionate about education, outreach and science communication and has given hundreds of talks, workshops, and presentations across North America and internationally.

Danielle works with soils, fungi, plants, microbes, waste and and shares her work through online maps, blog posts, articles and other writing, videos and collaborations with visual and performance artists. Two representative projects of her own founding are Healing City Soils program, which offers free soil metal testing for farmers and maps soil quality data, and DIY Fungi, which offers education and resources about mushroom cultivation for food, medicine, remediation and waste management. Danielle is currently a PhD student in Environmental Toxicology at the University of California, Riverside, where she studies how certain fungi can protect food crops from toxic metals and enhance phytoremediation as part of the Soil Biogeochemistry Group.