A message from Jan Smith, AKA, Cuyama Mama

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Hello, Good People! It’s the time of the Solstice. It’s that time when we’re gathering around the metaphorical or literal fire, pulling in close to the source of what nourishes us and sustains us. I’m asking all of you to reflect on the value of the work, the story, the creativity, the food, the learning, the inspiration, the grounding, the music, the beauty that Quail Springs has offered up to you and to the broader world, and to please give Quail Springs your support to buy this land that we steward.

For some of us even $10 is a stretch and I’m asking us to make that stretch to support this place and the valuable work we do here. For some of us $10 thousand or even $50 thousand dollars feels like it can be freely given to support the work of planetary regeneration that we are engaged in here – please offer that, and help us buy this land that we steward.

Brenton Kelly and I first came out to the Cuyama Valley and Quail Springs in 2005 and fell in love with this land and the work being done here by the dedicated founders of Quail Springs Permaculture. Warren Brush, Cyndi Harvan, Kolmi Majumdar, and Paul Swenson along with many devoted, hard working people had seeded what has become one of the most beloved permaculture projects in the world. Largely because of Warren Brush’s far reaching work – his permaculture design projects, teaching, and storytelling here and around the world, our small permaculture site in the high desert mountains of California has become known far and wide as a powerful example and incubator for regenerative living. I believe however, that it is because of this sacred land and the experiences and the inspiration people have drawn from their experiences here that the story of Quail Springs continues to deepen and grow in the awareness of countless people around the globe.

Land stewardship, watershed regeneration, permaculture design, small scale diversified food production, youth mentoring, nature awareness, and a community of people dedicated to the messy and beautiful work of being human has, again and again, left visitors to this place feeling richer, braver, more healthy and whole, reinvigorated with a sense of hope and purpose and ready to bring their crucial most sacred gifts forward in the world.

Support this work. We need your help to bring this forward. Thank you for donating:

Love from the Cuyama Valley,

Cuyama Mama
AKA Jan Smith
Quail Spring Farm Advisor and Mother Hen

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