Student Spotlight: Daiva

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(above: Daiva and her mom, Sylvia) Daiva came to Quail Springs in 2017 for a natural building internship, where she learned how to combine straw, sand, and clay to create earthen homes that are beautiful, affordable, and made of locally-sourced materials. Since then Daiva has built earthen homes in Mexico, Bolivia and California, and has taught earthen building in Oaxaca. …

I Live in a Mud House

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Written by Juna Muller I live in a mud house. Technically, it’s a mixture of clay, sand, and straw (also known as cob). And although it’s mud, I can say that it’s the most beautiful house I’ve ever lived in!  People around the world have been building with clay, sand, straw and other natural materials for at least the past …

Help Legalize Earthen Building

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We believe in climate-resilient and dignified housing for all. This year, Quail Springs is playing a key role in the movement to make earthen building legal and accessible to everyone. We’ve already taken the first steps to establish our site as a fully permitted world-class demonstration center, featuring legal, fire-safe, low-carbon-footprint earthen buildings. Now is a critical time to help …

Earthquake Testing With Cal Poly

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We are excited to announce a groundbreaking collaboration with Cal Poly SLO to do earthquake testing on cob walls! Many things have fallen into place to make the project happen, including a woman who is doing her thesis on this project, and Cal Poly’s generous offer to support this public benefit project with deeply discounted access to earthquake testing equipment …

How-To: Desert Cold Storage

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The summer has arrived. Now, if you are looking to create a cold storage, and have a shipping container lying around, this “how-to” might be for you! This method takes advantage of the some serious thermal mass (for instance, 3′ deep in the earth at our site the temperature is a stable 65 degrees), a fancy optional venting …

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Natural Building and Permaculture in Kenya

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by Sasha Rabin January found several of our Quail Springs team in East Africa teaching natural building and permaculture courses.  Collaborating for several years with the Permaculture Research Institute of Kenya (PRI-Kenya), Warren Brush has been teaching Permaculture Design Courses (PDC), a training for permaculture teachers, and most recently, a Permaculture Design Consultancy course.  And for the first time, our …