We Intend to Be Here After This Storm Passes

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We hope that this post finds you well today. We’re thinking of our extended community out there, sheltering in place in so many different ways. We’ve been enjoying hearing your stories of how you’re spending your days, and look forward to more. Thankfully, all of us on the land at Quail Springs are healthy and well at this time. As an …

Is it Spring Already?

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Aside from a bit of snow on Sunday night (yay, moisture!), it feels like spring has arrived at Quail Springs already. The birds are singing and nesting, the frogs and red-winged blackbirds are active in and around the pond. Lizards are out soaking up the sun, and so are we!Are you interested in joining us (and the lizards) out here …

Phase I of Capital Campaign Complete!

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We are grateful to share some good news. Phase I of the Quail Springs Capital Campaign to buy the land is complete. The enormity of this collective action cannot be overstated, and we extend infinite gratitude to all of you who contributed and helped us raise the money to buy these precious 450-acres.  We are humbled by …

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An Upbeat Update from the Quail Springs Valley

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As we move through the midsummer moons of 2015, evidence is everywhere that Quail Springs is flourishing by more than just a handful of evaluations. We continue to experience some significant additions to and retained earnings from all sectors within the Natural Capital base of Quail Springs. A brief report follows with …

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Quotol Canyon

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Imagine yourself walking down a tight canyon of rich orange sandstone, the elevated spots are loosely adorned with the blue green of Single Leaf Pinyon. The map you in your hand says you are in the San Emigdio Mtns, approaching Burges canyon. The Chumash people who come to visit this place and who call this whole region their home call …

Water in the Desert

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In the desert, water is felt deeply. It is celebrated. A small and rare desert spring nourishes countless plants and animals. Tracks mingle near the source: pack rat, deer, quail, snake, hawk, coyote, mountain lion, bear, human. Rain is precious, and we feel it coming, our bodies responding to even slight changes in moisture and scent. Our average of seven …