Winter Wool

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Here at Quail Springs the season is changing. It’s becoming colder and wetter by the week, and as the weather shifts, so do we. We get to go inwards – literally and figuratively. We light up the woodstoves in our spaces and hunker down with our favorite crafts. So, keeping this sweet wintry image in mind, picture this: I walk …

Duckweed Production for Poultry Feed: Just Add Water!

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By Andrew Clinard The Quail Springs’ poultry flock is quite an army – upwards of 100 chickens and 32 ducks. They are crucial to food production, pumping out an impressive amount of eggs and meat. Foraging is their favorite pastime, the chickens race out of their five-star mobile hotel at sunrise and start hunting. This foraging is, however, supplemented with …

How-To: Desert Cold Storage

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The summer has arrived. Now, if you are looking to create a cold storage, and have a shipping container lying around, this “how-to” might be for you! This method takes advantage of the some serious thermal mass (for instance, 3′ deep in the earth at our site the temperature is a stable 65 degrees), a fancy optional venting …

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