A Message of Solidarity from the Quail Springs Community

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In light of recent events, Quail Springs would like to highlight that it is our mission to foster social change and regenerative ways of living. We believe that regeneration is not limited to the land base and that we must also be actively regenerating the fabric of our communities as we move toward living together as local and global communities.

Quail Springs is currently in deep introspection to ask what role we play in our country and around the globe to support social change. We are currently working on a plan in specific reference to social movements around the country and globe. At this moment Quail Springs is prepared to say that we will stand in action for the inalienable civil and human rights of all people. We specifically highlight our support of the human rights of Muslims and all faith based communities; people of Middle Eastern descent; all people from Mexico and Central and South America, the Black community, and all people of color; immigrants, documented and undocumented; women; the LGBTQ+ community; First Nation People and all Indigenous People of the world; the disabled; and all disadvantaged or oppressed communities.

We believe it is up to grassroots movements and organizations in this moment to stand unwaveringly for environmental and social justice. We believe that there exists the possibility of a world in which all people and living beings are a part of regenerative systems. We believe that through tending to our environments, we can feed, clothe, house and educate all communities globally. We believe in the richness of cultural diversity and will work to grow mutual support between our community and others to uphold the inherent value of life. We commit to standing for environmental and social justice with the hope of enacting this vision for the next 200 years.

The work of Permaculture has never been more timely or critical. The ethics of Permaculture: care of the earth, care of the people and fair share have never been more important. Through our work at Quail Springs Permaculture – the courses we teach, the food we grow, the land and watershed that we steward, the communities of people locally and globally that we connect with and support, and through our commitment to a world of social and ecological wellbeing we strive to share powerful and essential alternatives to the current extractive paradigm.

There are many ways to support this valuable work. Share our website and social media with your friends and communities, take a course, visit us for a farm tour, or donate below. Near and dear to us is our goal to secure the Quail Springs land. Thanks to many generous supporters we are making good steps toward our goal.

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