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We were recently graced by the presence of the Vision group from the “Land of 10,000 Lakes”

The University of St. Thomas’ Vision volunteer program sends teams of primarily students to engage in service projects all around the world. This was their 4th year to come and work with Quail Springs.

Over a 9 day stay the visionaries helped us to:

  • Install half the fencing in the lower garden
  • Dig seven swales
  • Dig, fork and groom 15 garden beds
  • Haul an entire tree to the common building for fire wood
  • Plaster the interior of Senia’s casita
  • Milk goats
  • Perform in a talent show
  • Other highlights were hiking the watershed, playing the infamous “Permaculture game” and listening to Brenton talk passionately about composting and worm boxes.

We miss their strong work ethic and their capacity to contribute. Even more so we miss their feet on the land, their good spirits and warmth.

Thank you Vision for all that you do, and all that are!

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  1. Lazy gardening is where it’s at! I’m cnrreutly eating blueberries and peas from the garden for very little effort in. Just a daily walk to check for invaders. Why do all that unnecessary work when your people (a/k/a/ worms, bacteria, fungi) can do all that hard stuff for you? Came by your blog on a WordPress recommend. I look forward to clicking around as time permits. I’ll be back!

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