Earth Day 2012

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New energy was  brought to the Santa Barbara Earth Day presentation this year with a display that was creative and educational as well as totally handmade. Senia, Cami, Martha, Beth and Brenton unpacked all the books, murals, blackboards, and a turkey, and beautifully placed it between the food court and the community stage.

The turkey, Pilgrim, strutted and conversed with the crowd as Brenton talked about  backyard poultry and explained  just how easy and fun it can be. Kids and adults milled around the magnificent creature ‘ooing, ahhing’ and ‘gobble gobbling’.

The booth itself was one of the few, or only ones in the whole festival that was not entirely comprised of computer print offs but rather was made up from found objects that were painted and reused to create displays and interactive educational experiences. Some chicken lay-boxes built by Brenton years ago were painted white and turned into a display cabinet containing rabbit hides, chicken and duck eggs, soil samples and even a birds nest. Old bits of plywood were painted and turned into chalk boards.

A large painting was created in the four days prior to the event describing nutrient cycling, and the story of permaculture. A collaboration of ideas, inspiration and information were jam packed onto the 4 by 6 foot mural.

The booth, designed by Martha, Cami and Beth with the help of Amanda and Gita offered a 1o by 10 foot viewing stage into Quail Springs Permaculture for the people of Santa Barbara to enjoy. We got a great response, and appreciate all of you who came out and visited.

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