Harvest Day Pesto

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Harvesting is one of the many wonderful jobs here at Quail Springs. As the months pass, we get such a large variety of goodness from our organic garden. In the middle of February, we are aiming to do about two harvests a week. With the climate here being rather warm, we are harvesting all sorts of greens as well as a ton of root veggies.

Chard, beets and turnips are now overtaking our refrigerator. We also have a ton of carrots that come in all sorts of unique shapes and sizes.

We have made large jars of coriander pesto and garnish all our meals with flavorsome parsley.

Try this…

Martha’s Cilantro and Arugula pesto:

You need:

Lots of cilantro

Lots of arugula

Olive oil

8 cloves or garlic

The juice of 4 large lemons

Salt to taste

It’s more of a guide more than a recipe. What you really want to do is add all these ingredients into a food processor and add everything according to your own taste. If you love garlic, go mad on the garlic. If not, add more lemon juice – you get the idea. The olive oil helps to preserve the greens so you can keep it in your fridge for a while and add flavor to your scrambled eggs, toast, salad, pasta, you know the drill.

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