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Our Gratitude to Margie Bushman & Wes Roe  

I’d like to express our deep gratitude for Margie Bushman and Wes Roe, co-founders of the Santa Barbara Permaculture Network. This dedicated permaculture duo have been midwives and caretakers of the local and international Permaculture Movement for over three decades now.

We sincerely appreciate Margie joining Quail Springs’ Advisory Board, after her years of service on our Board of Directors. Wes continues to support the Board of Directors with joy and good humor.
Margie and Wes, I don’t know where we’d be without your inspiration, wisdom, encouragement and dedication!
In some good “chat time” with Margie and Wes last week when they came out to Quail Springs to share a talk on Bioregional Strategies with our Permaculture Design Course, I learned that they’re off to Cuba for the 11th Annual International Permaculture Convergence!  Over the years, they’ve represented at the International Permaculture Convergences, cross-pollinating local to global, and back again.  The themes of IPC11 in Cuba include “Towards Hurricane Proof Permaculture Systems Permaculture in Islands and Cities” and “Facing Climate Change Challenge.”  I can’t wait to hear what they gather to bring home and share.
~ Kolmi Majumdar
Quail Springs Programs Director & Land Steward, November 2013

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