Quail Springs 10th Birthday – Thank You!

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Cuyama Mama & The Hot Flashes, at SoHo in Santa Barbara for Quail Springs 10th Birthday Party

Dear Quail Springs Family,

We are sending out an enormous and heart felt thank you to everyone who made the April 8th, Quail Springs 10th Birthday Celebration & Benefit at Soho Restaurant and Music Club for the wonderful evening of food, music, dancing, and community building.

Over 200 people attended the Wednesday night event, and 30-plus local businesses, farms, and individuals donated their services, delicious produce, handmade crafts, and wares, helping to bring in over five thousand dollars for Quail Springs Permaculture!

So many good people made our silent auction a success!   A few stand out BIG TIME.  We’d like to especially thank Betty Seaman – artist extraordinaire and Mountain Mama of Spirit Pine Sanctuary in Los Olivos, Matt Buckmaster of Goleta’s Island Seed & Feed, Sharon Tollefson and Jessica Sieber Grasso of Santa Barbara’s Women’s Reclamation and Renewal, and Larry and Karina Hogan of Sage Brush Annie’s in the Cuyama Valley – world class wine makers and our Quail Springs neighbors!

Over 20 cases of delicious organic food were collectively donated by Earthtrine Farm, Fairview Gardens, Nojoqui Farms and Tutti Frutti Farms to contribute to the evening, and as a gift of appreciation to Soho Restaurant and Music Club for their ongoing support of community events, the arts, and culture.

We thank Matt Buckmaster of Island Seed & Feed for the initial inspiration for the birthday benefit, Nancy Black and Isaac Hernandez of Mercury Press International for mentoring and assisting the Quail Springs crew with publicizing and documenting the event, as well as Ricky Escalera and Danielle Andrea for documentation; also, thanks to the Santa Barbara Independent for featuring the event in their April 2nd issue, and KCSB 91.9 FM Santa Barbara Roadtunes Sessions & DJ Philobeto for an April 7th interview with Jan Smith, lead singer of Cuyama Mama & The Hot Flashes and our Quail Springs’ Farm Advisor.  Listen to a podcast of the interview that ranges from the story of the band’s beginnings to the good work that happens at Quail Springs Permaculture:


In closing, it feels great to be part of this family. Thank you for celebrating Quail Springs’ 10th Birthday, and its decade of inspiring service to the Santa Barbara community and beyond.  Check out our upcoming course offerings at: www.quailsprings.org, and join us in this work!

With lots of love and gratitude,

Janice Setser, Quail Springs Executive Director
& Jan Smith, Quail Springs Farm Advisor, AKA Cuyama Mama



Special Thanks to Quail Springs 10th Birthday Donors & Supporters!


CMHF SOHO Facebook2

Soho Restaurant and Music Club
Island Seed and Feed
Women’s Reclamation and Renewal
Gibian Wellness Center
Anahata Healing Arts
Sagebrush Annie’s

Local Farms

Earthtrine Farm – Tutti Frutti Farms
Nojoqui Farms – Fairview Gardens
San Marcos Farms ~ Casitas Valley Farms

Artists, Musicians, & Teachers

Betty Seaman ~ Jan Vucinich ~ Scott Chatenever
Michael Gibian ~ Liz Collins
Brenton Kelly ~ Natalie Bartlett ~ Sasha Rabin
Janice Setser ~ JT Beggs
Jan Smith ~ Andrew Clinard ~ Ryan Spaulding
Danielle Brehmer ~ Lindsay Allen
Cuyama Mama and the Hot Flashes


DJ Philobeto ~ KCSB 91.9 FM Santa Barbara Roadtunes
Nancy Black & Isaac Hernandez ~ Mercury Press International
Ricky Escalera & Danielle Andrea
Santa Barbara Independent

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