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Thank you one and all!   Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to all who have given of themselves to sustain Quail Springs.   Below we’ve listed names of in-kind supporters and financial supporters for 2012 and 2013.  This is a partial and growing list.  It is impossible to keep up with the outpouring of support!  We’d also like to thank the innumerable volunteers, visitors, course participants, guest teachers, partner organizations, and our Board of Directors, staff, caretakers, and your families and communities!



Quail Springs ‘in-kind’ supporters have given invaluable donations of goods and services including equipment, lumber, produce, professional services, wise advice, skilled labor, and so much more!

Businesses & Organizations

Ayni Gallery – Al Ballabio
Cal Poly Physics Department – Peter Schwartz (San Luis Obispo)
Casitas Valley Creamery and Farm, a Regenerative Earth Enterprise – Warren & Cyndi Brush & family (Carpinteria, Hwy 150)
Cuyama General Store – Duff Price & family (Cuyama)
Earthtrine Farm – Robert Dautch “BD” (Ojai)
Fairview Gardens – Mark & Sharon Tollefson (Goleta)
Hayward Lumber (Goleta & Santa Maria)
Isla Vista Food Coop – Melissa Cohen (Isla Vista)
Island Seed and Feed – Matt Buckmaster (Goleta)
La Casa de Maria (Santa Barbara)
Mesa Produce (Santa Barbara)
Sagebrush Annie’s – Larry & Karina Hogan (Ventucopa)
San Marcos Honey Farms – Don & Ann Cole (Santa Barbara)
Santa Barbara Pistachio Co. – Josh Zannon & Tristan Zannon (Ventucopa)
South Coast Millworks (Goleta)


Lloyd Anderson
Jack Anderson’s family
Wayne and Mary Aspinwall
Martha Aspinwall
Erin Boehme
Margie Bushman
Marshall Chrostowski
John Cole
Dan Cunya
Julia and Alex Dashevsky
Nikianne Feinberg
Leo Horthy
Matt Jackson
Eve and Craig Leeds
Arthur Kennedy
Patricia Krout
Randy Miller
Betty Seaman and Tautahcho Muhuawit
Alissa Sears
Danielle Siano
Gail and Gene Zannon



Our financial supporters have given crucial and generous personal donations and grants that support the Quail Springs’ mission, vision, and operation.  Every level of financial support is valued.  Thank you for your belief in and support of Quail Springs!

Jeffrey Adams
Alexia Allen
Joel Arant
Bettina Barrett
Jeanne and Robert Bartlett
Rion Beauregard
Ryan and Jill Bell
Linda Bernson
Geoff Bloomingdale
Chris Born
Stephanie Jacob
Chris and Barbara Bradley
Jim and Robin Brady
John and Sharon Broberg
Dustin Brunson
Natalie Butt
Mary Byrd and Kyle Byrd-Fisher
Blanca Camacho
Ms. Barry Campion
Jana Carter and Van Jones
Mery Grace Castelo
Alex Chadwick
Marshall Chrostowski
Jackie and David Clark
Marsha Clinard
Tom and Linda Cole
Liz Collins and Hugh Brownlee
Catherine Brozowski
Lee and Ben Colodzin
Sonia Connors
Lisa Danhi and Bob Pullen
Kathleen de Chanedes
Dwayne Devries
Leslie Doyle
Andrew Dunn
Juniper Dwight and Charlie Coupal
Teresa Fanucchi
Barbara Flanigan
Dan and Melissa Fontaine
Meg Frisbee
Steve Glikbarg
Gary and Julie Greinke
Vijay and Samantha Gupta
Benjamin Gustin
Oscar Gutierrez
Michael Harris
Einav Henenson
Leo Horthy
Wayne Iba
Isla Vista Food Cooperative
Island Seed and Feed
Joss Jaffe
Emlyn Jones
Anne Kelly
Hugh Kelly and Katya Bloom
Sean Kelly
Carol Kent Ireland & Uncle Don B Fanning
Jeremiah Kidd
Emily Kindelspire
Jamie King and Eric Smith
Jonathan Kobey
Gary Krasnoff and Juanita Chatham
Patricia Krout
Marc and Julie Kummel
Hilary and Peter Lapidus
Pamela and David Lee
Jodi Levine
Fran Lewbel
Rudi Lion
Andrew Lipkis
Alex Lobba and Mary Jackson
Ishmiel and Patra Lounsbury
Helena Manzella
Ronald and Cathie Martz
Rory Mattson
Chris and Heather McClellan
McGowan Guntermann
Hale and Anne Milgrim
Jon Miller
Amanda Minsky
Jorge Montezuma
Alston Ann Paff
Stephen Pearson
Chet and Ellen Perryess
Susan Petelik
Monika Petroczy
Jim Philbin
Mark Phillips
Harry Poliak
Kurt and Kristy Raihn
Blythe and Mark Reis
Ted Rhodes
Brian Rich
Nick Robson
Nancy Roe
Mike and Gauri Rogers
Gary and Pat Rosenbloom
Linda and Barry Saccoccio
Michel Saint-Sulpice
Santa Ynez Chumash Indians Foundation
Charlotte Schell
Christiane Schlumberger
Peter Schwartz
Britain Scott
Janice Setser
Judy Sims
Jane Slama
Alexis Slutzky
Tana Sommer-Belin
Jeffrey and Pamela Stein
The Fund for Santa Barbara
Deron and Tamara Thompson
Cheryl Tomchin
Tomchin Family Foundation
Cynthia Travis
Tres Wallower
Li Walter
Zahava Weiss
Barbara Wishingrad
Bruce Woodside
WWW Foundation
Julie Young
Celia Zaentz


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