Volunteer Weekends with Quail Springs

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Over the past 3 weekends, Quail Springs has had the opportunity of having volunteers come to the land and help build projects and learn about how permaculture and sustainability are touching the ground here.

With over 80 volunteers over a series of three weekends we got to work on natural building projects, the food forest, and installing a water tank. Within a few hours, the volunteers along with the help of some warm sunshine built two long swales and helped us to plant native, pioneer and different high value trees. As we worked, we learned about the importance of well leveled swales and how to plant fruit trees that have been grafted as well as how placing rocks in and amongst the native trees will help to regulate the temperature as well as condense water. We worked with people who had not heard the world permaculture until the night before, to people who had written dissertations on food forestry.

A big thank you to all who came out to Quail Springs to support the many projects going on here.

Thank you for your life energy, music, laughter and muscle work.

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