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Reducing Fossil Fuel Dependence with Renewable Energy
A fruitful year has taken us a few steps further toward a sustainable human settlement.
With our new rocket stove in the commons providing both space heating and cooking, we’re reducing dependence on fossil fuels, particularly propane cooking.
A small insulated ‘hay box’ is included in the heated bench for finishing rice, soups, and keeping food warm. We are excited to bring more of these energy saving practices into our daily lives.
In January, you’ll have the opportunity to come out to Quail Springs and learn how to build a rocket stove in a workshop with acclaimed inventor and designer, Lasse Holmes.

In early December we’re very excited to be building a barrel oven and hosting a workshop guided by Eva & Max Edelson, authors of “Build Your Own Barrel Oven,” available through Handprint Press. The barrel oven operates conveniently much like a conventional oven, and is set into an attractive earthen structure. The oven achieves cooking temperatures in minutes. Fitted with racks, easy and quick to use, this style of wood fired oven promises a new and graceful addition to our cooking options.
The two new traditional wood fired earthen ovens that sprouted up on the land this summer and fall were built during the Cob Oven Workshops guided by Sasha Rabin. These beautiful ovens have already made more delicious pizza, roasts, and mouth watering baked goods than we can believe. Thank you Sasha and the oven workshop students!
Radiant floor heating is another way we’ll be conserving fuel and harnessing the energy of the sun in the upcoming years. A special thanks to all the folks who worked so hard to make it happen!
And finally, Quail Springs is excited to be a research site for testing a high capacity solar concentrator brought by Pete Schwartz and the Cal Poly Physics Dept this coming year. Stay tuned and we’ll share more as the solar concentrator research evolves!
 ~ Jack Thrift
Quail Springs Farm Team, November 2013

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