Is The World a Better Place Because of Quail Springs?

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November 2013 through January 2014: Quail Springs Year-End Campaign

Dear Friends,

After nearly nine beautiful, and sometimes challenging, years of growing our lives and work out here in the high desert, I have to ask myself and the community who supports us, “Is the world a better place because of Quail Springs?” I believe the answer has to be a resounding, “Yes!”

I know this because of the tracks that are left by visitors who were inspired by this place. I know this because of the teachings and experiential learning that flow through this community so freely. I want to share with you some comments and observations that help all of us here to stay inspired and underscore why we believe Quail Springs is a sound investment for our unique times, as well as for future generations.

We are heartened that an official working with the Building Department recently shared with us:

“Someday we regulators are going to catch up with all you are doing at Quail Springs to create ecologically sound buildings.”

We are touched by the many comments we have received from grateful parents, like this one:

“Thank you for cradling our daughter in a safe and engaging environment, where she can get grounded, mature and settle into herself – her time at Quail Springs has brought peace to all of us – especially to her…”

We are excited when young people, who came to our programs years ago, return as mentors and teachers.

We are thrilled when we hear of countless former students of Quail Springs who have started their own projects and are actively bringing sustainability, social equitability, and peace to their own families and communities. We also trust that a broader range of communities will benefit in the future, as now, more than ever, our programs around sustainable design are becoming accessible to those with low incomes.

We are moved by the regeneration we see all around us. The springs here are flowing better than ever, even though our region of the world is experiencing drought. Indigenous Grandmothers were drawn to this place to set up a sweat lodge. They are now conducting ceremonies on the land as a support to their community’s healing work, and as a gift to the Quail Springs community.

We are full of gratitude for the generous community support which has made all of this possible. We trust that, with your on-going support, we will be able to continue our vital work, grow our programs and provide support for low-income participants who wish to attend.

We are very fortunate to have been awarded matching funds for this appeal by a local family foundation. This means that for every dollar you donate, up to $25,000, they will match your generosity dollar for dollar.

We’ve already reached $6,760 of our goal thanks to early gifting by friends of Quail Springs, people who gave $10, $30, or $50, and a few gave more as they were inspired and able! Every gift is appreciated and helps us reach our goal.

Please consider a year end donation, small or large, to let us know that you, too, believe that the world is a better place because of Quail Springs!

With endless gratitude,

Warren Brush

Executive Director
Quail Springs Permaculture

Sonia Connors
Roberto Garcia
Brenton Kelly
Wes Roe
Dave Thomason
Alex Vincent


Thank you for considering a tax-deductible year end gift to Quail Springs Permaculture!
Quail Springs Permaculture is a project of True Nature Society, our 501c3 nonprofit organization, tax id # 38-3692928.

To make a donation with a check in the mail:
Please make checks payable to “True Nature Society,” and mail to True Nature Society,
35070 Highway 33, Maricopa, CA 93252. Please include a note with your proper contact
information as return addresses can be obscured on envelopes.

Contact with questions or comments: Kolmi Majumdar, Programs Director, [email protected],
or please call our office at (805) 886-7239.

Quail Springs Permaculture is dedicated to demonstrating and teaching holistic ways
of designing human environments, and to facilitating deeper understandings of ourselves
and one another through immersive experiences in nature.

We believe that lasting ecological health and social harmony can be fostered through
emphasizing the connection between people, food, shelter, energy, and water.

Quail Springs Permaculture
[email protected]

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  1. My name is Remi Stout. I heard that you will be taking in iunjred animals from the Waldo Canyon Fire. I was wondering if this was correct and how it would be possible to make a donation, whether money or some sort of supplies. I really, really want to help out. Animals are my huge soft spot and they are just as important as the people who have been displaced. So please email me back with information on how/what I could donate to you. Thank you.

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